Tui-na & Massage

dog_massageTui-na is Chinese manual therapy used for preventing and treating disease. Various manipulations are applied to acupuncture points and meridians. Tui-na also includes special limb and spine stretching movements. We teach the owner many of these techniques and massage so that they can be involved in their pet’s or athlete’s care on a daily basis.

Tui-na can successfully treat the following conditions:

  • Pain management by moving Qi and Blood
  • Paralysis or disc disease by stimulating  dysfunctioning nerves and meridians
  • Improved performance of agility dogs through stretching and massage
  • Increase functioning of poorly performing organs by moving Qi and Blood
  • Geriatric support
  • Anxiety syndromes utilizing calming points and meridians
  • Aids re-alignment and restructuring by soothing joints and connective tissue
  • Restore the  balance of Yin and Yang