Featured Case

ZZ: Kidney Failure

ZZ is a 10 year old toy Manchester Terrier. ¬†For undetermined reasons, she went into severe kidney failure. ZZ was treated conventionally with IV fluids and a commercial prescription diet, but improved inadequately and was not expected to live. TCVM acupuncture and herbals were begun when the IV fluids were discontinued, and ZZ was placed […]

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Mocho: Urinary Incontinence

Mocho is a 3 year old lab mix who was spayed at a very young age which contributed to urinary incontinence for over one year. She only responded partially to the conventional medication Proin (phenylpropanolamine), and the owner was concerned about the side effects from this medication. After a TCVM assessment, Mocho was placed on […]

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Allie: Glaucoma

Allie was diagnosed with painful glaucoma in both of her eyes. She was in so much pain that she continuously hid under the bed and refused to eat. A board certified veterinary opthalmologist could not control the high pressures and pain in her eyes. He recommended removal of both of Allie’s eyes as the only […]

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